Okkadochadu Movie Review

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Arjun is after Divya wooing her. Chandrabose, brother of Divya, who is initially apprehensive starts liking him as well. One day trouble comes asking for Chandrabose who is a police. Arjun saves the day but it comes with a twist. What is the twist and how is it related to Chadrabose is the story of the film.


Vishal seems to be completely disinterested in the film apart from the flashback. That was his only serious act. The rest the less talked about it the batter.

Tamannah’s presence is only required for the song and few comedy sequences early on. She is there only for the skin show and has nothing to do with eh basic story of the film. It is clearly a film done only keeping the commercial gains in mind.

Jagapathi Babu’s role begins interestingly but as the film progresses and the hero is introduced, one isn’t sure what to make off his role. In the end, its end on a positive note but in between it is neither here nor there and that’s how his performance too can be described.

Comedy is handled by Soori and Vadivelu. Comedy is a major portion of the film and one must say both are irksome on the screen. The latter who is seen on the screens after a long gap is particularly terrible. The rest have nothing much to do anyway.




Everything else 


Director Suraj’s approach with the film Okkadochadu is that of a typical commercial entertainer. Of course, that is how he has been making movies, which is why there is always a risk of the movies turning unbearable when the comedy doesn’t work. Okkadochadu is a perfect example of a commercial entertainer becoming unwatchable when the comedy goes wrong.

A huge chunk of the film is devoted to comedy, the actual story punctuates the comedy in between. So, for a film like this to work the comedy has to work. Unfortunately, in the case of Okkadochadu, it fails miserably. One feels like tearing the hair in the sheer frustration looking at the proceedings.

If the comedy in the first half was unbearable, the second half comedy is way beyond it. The actual story has its moments especially in the first half towards the interval. In the pre-climax, an emotional flashback is told which feels so out of place with the rest of the movie. The ending is terrible again.

Musically there is nothing much to talk about Hiphop Tamizha. His background score is comparatively better. The cinematography is alright. Editing is poor. Dialogues are bad.

Bottom-line: A Comedy Horror Show 

Rating: 1.5/5