Pittagoda Movie Review

3 months ago | Reviews


Tippu (Vishwadev) is the leader of a gang. He falls for a girl Divya (Punarnavi Bhupalam) who moves into the colony. How his relationship with Divya changes the relationship with friends and what other changes it brings is the crux of the film.


Vishwadev is okay at best. He has decent timing, which was evident in the lunch sequence but apart from such silly banter there is nothing else to remember him for. In the few dramatic scenes, the film has he has been a failure.

Punarnavi Bhupalam’s promotion as the heroine is wasted. She has a nothing sort of role with no scope for performance or show skills that could be remembered for.

Raju, Ramu, and Sreyan were decent. They were decent because they had nothing else to do apart from being part of a gang and sharing funny banter between them. They exhibited a gang chemistry that is visible in small towns and that’s why they need to get a small credit. But besides those moments they had nothing to do.


Few Dialogues

Godavarikhani set up


Weak story

Poor screenplay


Films about a gang of good for nothing friends, scolded by everyone, finally doing something good and winning everyone’s appreciation has been done to death format from mid 80’s till mid-2000’s. Pittagoda too belongs to such type.

The director has got the friends dynamics right with a contemporary touch. But he fails to give it is a depth in terms of story. Watching the film it feels as if the story was an afterthought to the characters rather than characters being part of the story. Once the story is weak, the film fails to survive only on the chemistry of the guys. The heroine track and her past, the threat to the hero and the way the friends finally achieve recognition is all handled so amateurishly.

Music by Kamalakar is decent. The background score is decent in parts. The cinematography could have been better. Editing is alright. Dialogues are fine.

Bottom-line: Small Film Big Disappointment 

Rating: 2/5