Saptagiri Express Movie Review

3 months ago | Reviews


Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) is a carefree youngster with an ambition to become an actor. His father is a policeman. One day when his father is killed in an encounter operation Sapthagiri is given his place as a replacement. What happens when he turns a police is what the film story is all about.


Sapthagiri doesn’t look one bit as a hero, unlike some of the comedians who turned heroes in the past. Luckily for him, the lead role doesn’t look like one made for a “hero” either. It is just a character facing difficult situations and Sapthagiri feels right for that part. Still, wherever heroism is required he failed to bring the required effect.

Roshini Prakash makes a late entry into the film and whenever she is present there is a song at the end. She has nothing much to do besides that. Among the rest of the cast, there are some known faces who usually appear behind the supporting actors of big hero films. Shakalaka Shankar has next best role in the film after the hero and he makes it count in the second half and the climax. Sayaji Shinde is wasted. Posani Krishna Murali is okay.


Few comedy scenes



Feels lengthy

Very ordinary direction 


Director Arjun Pawar’s Sapthagiri Express is based on a Tamil original. It means he has a decent content on hand. All he has to do is execute it neatly with the Telugu audience sensibility in mind. In that aspect, he has done a decent job but the problem is with the Telugu audience sensibility here.

The idea that there must be comedy blocks taking the story forward has been going on for a long time now. It has been a problem with many other films and it is the same here. The comedy and drama don’t gel well in the same narrative. The comedy gives a different feel compared to the serious drama happening in the same film. These two are at loggerheads with each other and drag the narrative down. There is still an emotional payoff in the end in a stricter commercial sense which is okay.

The music by Bulganin in pretty ordinary so is the background score. Technically the film is very poor, the cinematography and editing, are bad. Dialogues are too corny and melodramatic.

Bottom-line: Boring Routine Stuff

Rating: 1.75/5