Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review

3 months ago | Reviews


Naresh (Allari Naresh) is in dire need of money when a wrong call from Gopalam (Rajendra Prasad) comes to him. Gopalam has bought a new house where he wants to marry his daughter in a grand way but that house is haunted by a ghost. He calls Naresh assuming he is a Ghosthunter. How Naresh tries to take advantage of the situation and what happens when it backfires is the basic story of the film.


Allari Naresh is good in a very calm and composed manner. He brings his sincere side to the act and it is good to see him that way. Unfortunately, the content isn’t good enough to make use of this side of the actor.

Kruthika and Mouryani are two female leads in the movie. the former doesn’t have much to do in the movie while the latter, despite having better role and scope for performances, fails in delivering a captivating performance.

Rajendra Prasad is fabulous as usual. Shakalaka Shankar and Chammak Chandra are effective. Prabhas Sreenu is good initially but is wasted in the end. Chalapati Rao is good.


Few comedy scenes


Second half


The only way a clichéd and routine story works is if either the performances are good making one forget about the weak story or there is enough no holds barred sort of entertainment to keep people busy from noticing weak story. In Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam, there is neither at the display.

Director G Nageswar Reddy has made few routine stories engaging but this is way off the mark. Poor casting choice for the central ghost character and even terrible story for it makes one bang the head against a wall in disgust and frustration. The climax feels inexcusably boring and stretched even after the conclusion of the main plot.

Music by Sai Karthik is bad along with the background score. The cinematography is poor. Editing is alright. Make up for the ghost is laugh out loud bad. Dialogues are a joke on the viewers.

Bottom-line: A Joke On Horror Genre

Rating: 1.75/5